Are you confused about which one to Prefer? Serviced Apartments or Hotel?

Serviced apartments are becoming a worldwide hit since it gives more space and flexibility at either a comparable or lesser duty than what a visitor would typically pay at a comparable standard property. 

For a group of four, a service apartment truly is a superior alternative because many hotels won’t allow more guests in their standard room. In a service apartment family can remain together yet at the same time have some privacy and they can have a place to prepare meals. It just becomes a better and reasonable choice.

Do you want to know why service apartments are different from a hotel?

The surprising factor is that even business travelers are leaning towards serviced apartments as compared to hotels, especially if they have to stay in a foreign city for more than Serviced apartments give the traveler the decision on whether they might want to cook themselves or order in, they are not just dependant on eating out or room service.

Having more space additionally gives a feeling of freedom to the traveler. In Nepal also there are lots of Service apartment hotel who provides best apartment services to the customer.

  1. Retreat Service Apartment Hotel
  2. Lazimpat Apartment Hotel
  3. Sarovar Residence Apartment Hotel
  4. Three Brothers Apartment Hotel
  5.  Alpine Hotel And Apartment 


  • Room For Flexibility

    The basic difference between the two hotels and serviced apartments is identified with the adaptability of Space. Living in a hotel Apartment has a more prominent scope for driving an adaptability way of life. Service apartments hotel provide a complete answer for a traveler; they can have the dream of staying at a place like home with the services that a hotel provides. They have changed into a hit with business travelers who stay there with their friends and family. For instance, they enjoy the facility to prepare their very own dinners at their own time rather than mentioning room services to get it for them.

  • No worries if you want to stay long

    Owing to the fact that the costs for service apartments hotel are fairly reasonable, it is suggested that you remain in an apartment hotel if you are planning to remain for a long duration; say a month or two. This is a better option for staying in a hotel or with your family members in the city. Full-service apartment hotel provides housekeeping, clothing services, dining options, ordinarily even an exercise center. therefore at a lesser price, the traveler can have the best of both hotels and apartments.

Standard Room

  • The Beauty of Variety

    One Awesome thing in regards to serviced apartments in Nepal is that they come in various categories. in this way, it is anything but difficult to pick an apartment that will be reasonable and helpful for your needs. They could extend from a modest one-bedroom, hall, kitchen, hotel apartment to extreme ones with the 2 or 3 rooms, solitary living, wellness studios, and completely outfitted kitchens. lodgings, then again, may have classifications like Delux rooms, premium rooms, and suites.

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  • Anisha Reply

    Serviced Apartments are better when it comes to better environment and comfort.

    November 17, 2019 at 7:37 am

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