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A Perfect Stay in Serviced Apartments to explore interesting facts behind busy cities

#Tip: Choose the hotel in Kathmandu Valley to experience the city lifestyle.

Did you know about these interesting facts of Nepal? Want to Know about it? 

One thing is for sure if you want to fully explore three of the famous cities in Nepal then, stay of one or two days is not sufficient. It doesn’t even cover the 20% of the information you can get about Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur.

You must find a good place for your stay and of course anybody would want to get the best services during their stay. There are sufficient Service apartment hotels for your comfortable stay according to your budget

But First, Why to think about choosing a hotel in Kathmandu? 

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Kathmandu “The capital of Nepal” is an immensely busy city. It is the largest city in Nepal and people here usually always rush for their daily schedule. It is located in the central part of Nepal enrich with every facilities. Choosing Kathmandu can make your time more easier if you do not want to miss the luxury of your daily life. Apart from that Kathmandu is a center of attraction for tourists from every aspect. 

kathmandu city

The breathtaking view of Chandragiri, Phulchoki, Shivapuri and Nagarjun, Kakani is the first thing you would notice with the early morning sunrise here. Local people are surely engaged with their schedule but you will feel good hospitality here. They treat their guests as God that means you are going to get help anytime you want.Also, Kathmandu provides easy ways to visit the other cities as well, therefore mostly people prefer to live here.

Beautiful Nature, Good Hospitality, Friendly surroundings. What else ?

Lets check the facts that might interests you to explore these main cities of Nepal “Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur”.

  • Do you know that Kathmandu was once a huge lake? The history of Kathmandu Valley is an interesting part you would want to know about. You can visit a cave named after Manjushree “A saint from China who cut the hill allowing water to flow”.
  • There is even a hidden meaning of Kathmandu “Kath” means Wood and “Mandu” means “Temple”. To know about the origin of this name you can visit a unique temple named “Kasthamandap”.
  • Everywhere you go people will greet you saying “Namaste” that means “I salute the God in You”. Isn’t that amazing?
  • You can also visit a particular newar community toward south west of Kathmandu Valley named Kritipur. It is said that it lies upon a single piece of rock.There are also many places of interest around Kritipur.

  • Getting back to the belief of people in Kathmandu , You might be interested in observing a living Goddess “Kumari”. Every day at 4:00pm Kumari appears and gives a short presence through window of Kumari Ghar.
Kumari Ghar
  • Each year during the month of September, local people of Kathmandu Valley celebrates the festival named Indra Jatra. It is eight days long and you can closely observe Kumari during this Jatra as well.

  • Freak Street, one of the unique places where hippies use to live.

Getting the notion why you need to consider staying in Kathmandu Valley?Keep reading you will get amazed.

Another major part of Kathmandu Valley is Lalitpur.Popularly Known as Manigal, this city has its own unique specialties. You can get the best services of hotel and accommodation around Lalitpur as well.

  • First fact, it is enriched with countless number of historical places and cultural values.
  • Place of interest includes Patan museum where you can observe the artworks of 17th century.

  • You will be surprised when you taste the unique food items in Patan.
  • Also, A Temple named Kumbeshwar is located there where a symbol of lord Shiva is placed during Janai Purnima Festival. This festival is celebrated during the month of August each year.
  • In Pulchowk, Lagankhel, Ebahi there is a Buddhist Wheel of Righteousness (‘Dharma-Chakra’) .

  • You can get an option of Central Zoo at Jawalakhel.

Else, choose to explore the City Of Devotees “Bhaktapur”

Bhaktapur is 15.8 km far from Kathmandu and 12.3 km Lalitpur. Therefore either you have rent a hotel room in Lalitpur or Kathmandu, you can reach Bhaktapur in about half an hour or 45 minutes.

This area has many points of interest apart from Temples where you can visit with a plan.Some includes:

1. Potters’ square – This one’s a square full of potter’s wheels and rows of clay pots

2. National Art Gallery – Have an interest in paintings? You have got to visit this one.

3. Peacock Window – rich in art.

4. War Drums – You can also see war drum that were used to aware the city during wars.

5. Woodcarving museum – Get the vibe of dark rooms beautifully carved.

All these interesting facts can be missed if you do not plan for a little long vacation in mesmerizing cities of Nepal. You don’t have to worry about where to stay or how to plan your visits because the hotels in Kathmandu provides you with full support to make your vacation successful.The service and amenities prvided by the service apartments can make your vacation complete. Just pack your bags and get a plan for visit.

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