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SERVICE APARTMENTS: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

Enjoy your temporary stay with comfort like at your own home.

Renting a Hotel room while travelling to an unknown city or country is quite a pretty easy way, right? But, Do you know why Service apartments are in growing popularity nowadays? Probably you don’t . Let’s get some information about what’s the reason of choosing service apartments over hotels.

The first fact of staying at a service apartment is you’ll feel like home. Yes, staying at an apartment will offer you greater flexibility and freedom than in a hotel room. While staying in a hotel room you’ll get limited services. Most of the hotel (Not all) room providers won’t have a simple dining space for you to cook yourself and enjoy your dining. Every time you want food you need to order from the room service provider. You’ll get limited varieties of dishes as well. Service apartments are a lot like your home. You’ll get a proper space of the bedroom, living room, Dining room etc. Also, cutting off all the costs of room service providers, fancy restaurants, cleaning and laundering will make serviced apartments cheaper than hotel rooms.


Privacy Matters Right?

Privacy is one of the major elements you get in serviced apartments. You’ll have your own space behind the closed doors of your apartment. While multiple rooms in a hotel are so closely attached that you might get disturbed even due to the small act of nearby rooms.


The apartment is an ideal choice for family or group travel as well. Your stay will be more convenient with more space and multiple bathrooms available. A single room will be not so suitable in such a situation. Moreover, A full-size kitchen space with the dining room is perfect for family dinner.

No need to worry how long you stay

Any period of stay is possible from a few nights to years. Not a problem for service apartments. You’ll get well-furnished flats, Tv room like home. Hotel rooms usually have a congested space with TV, AC and all amenities. You can also have enough workspace with desks and peaceful surroundings for your official works while your family can still relax due to multiple rooms. You can expect more comfort from the apartment than from hotel rooms


Apartments are more secure than hotel rooms. I am quite sure that you don’t want your important things lying here and there while the housekeeping service providers come for their duty inside your room. No disturbance is one of the major benefits you get. You can demand any service you want at the time you want after you make sure that your important things are kept in a safe place.

You can customize your stay according to need. You can choose available options as per your need. They offer you extra services like vehicle rental, travel guides, pools, bars etc. Cutting off or adding service depends totally upon you.

So, what do you think? Which one is better? Know your need and choose the best option for you.

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